Lost… Who?

I was lost, but now I am found.

Leonard Smith

That explains the name of the website, isn’t it? No? Well… It was around June 2012 when I decided to go on a walkabout, and stay away from home for days at a time. One time, I stayed away for more than a week, and that got my humans worried.

Apparently they posted on Lost Pets websites and FB pages, registered this domain name and set up a website with my photos on it, and went on a flyer drop around the neighbourhood. My new humans contacted my old humans, and I was promptly picked up by my old humans.

I hadn’t been far… it was just round the corner. I figured I can always visit again.

THAT SAID… in the summer of 2016, a new cat turned up at home. They call him Scruffy. Hmm, I better stay home more frequently and keep an eye on the new one…